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“There’s nothing in the sea this fish would fear. Other fish run from bigger things. That’s their instinct. But this fish doesn’t run from anything. He doesn’t fear” – Peter Benchley, Jaws.

Here at Hershey Law, we are not afraid to go up against the largest corporations for our clients. The shark in our logo symbolizes our drive and desire to fight for individuals who deserve justice, no matter who or what may stand in our way. If you’re looking for strong legal representation and a firm that truly cares about your rights, we are the team to call.

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“Mr. Hershey helped me recover $100,000 against one of the ride sharing companies after their driver ran a red light with me in the car. Not only did he help me get the best medical treatment, but he made sure they paid me for my pain and suffering as well. He is now my attorney for life! Thank you, Mr. Hershey!”

Joshua Z.

“I've never had to use a lawyer before. I got in a car accident and started working with Brennan. He was so nice and understanding. He put me at ease and told me that he had my interest in mind. I wasn't expecting it to go so smoothly. I was very happy with his representation and settlement. I highly recommend him.”

Chloe B.

LOVE BRENNAN AND Hershey Law! My daughter and I were rear ended almost a year ago by someone who lived in the UK, was in a rental car AND the company he worked for was HUGE! Needless to say - A nightmare! He fought for us every step of the way! He rolled up his sleeves and went head to head with this big company! Brennan was able to get an even better settlement than we both anticipated! He is kind, compassionate and really knows his stuff! DO NOT even bother to call anyone else! Just call Brennan Hershey at Hershey Law.”

Cari B.

"Brennan Hershey assisted when we thought it was impossible to win our case. He took my mothers slip and fall case and ran with it and he delivered phenomenal results. If your looking for a law firm that will go above and beyond for you contact Brennan Hershey at Hershey Law. He alleviated the stress my mother was going through due to the pain she was in and the bills that started coming in. He fought for her! She cant stop talking about him. We thank you Brennan Keep doing what your doing, we couldn't be happier with your overall service."

Tony P.

“I am very thankful and happy that I followed reviews in choosing Hershey Law as my lawyers! Being injured, I couldn't drive and Brennan came and met me at my house. He made me feel comfortable, taken care of and relieved a lot of stress from my incident. Even with all we've/are living through with the pandemic and everything else 2020 has brought, my care, health and case never suffered nor did I feel neglected. They were always available to answer my questions. It was great to deal with a local law firm where I felt personally taken care of. Jonny was a great lawyer and helped me through the whole case. The office staff...Jesse, Santiago and Blanco were a pleasure to deal with!”

Jodi M.


Settlement for the victim of a dangerous roadway condition.


Settlement for the victims of a commercial truck accident.


Settlement for student injured on school property.


Settlement for a victim that fell from the second story of a major sports arena as a result of a dangerous condition.


Settlement for the victim of a commercial truck accident.


Settlement for a victim that fell through faulty railing of a second story balcony at an apartment complex.


Settlement for a victim who was struck by a defective elevator door located at a hotel.


Settlement for a minor client that was the victim of a golf cart accident.


Verdict for the victim of a motor vehicle accident.


Settlement for the victim of a motor vehicle accident.


Settlement for a mentally challenged client that was the victim of an assault and battery by a public employee.


Settlement for victim of sexual harassment.


Settlement for the victim of racial discrimination and harassment.


Settlement for victim or ride sharing accident.


Settlement for victim who fell on a unsafe staircase.


Settlement for failure to pay overtime and failure to provide meal and rest breaks.


Settlement for victim of whistleblower retaliation.


Settlement for victim of ride sharing accident.


Policy limit settlement for victim of rear end motor vehicle accident.